Actress Hema Saxena, MISS-M GLAM, Soon To Screen Her Film JAUHAR To Bollywood. Read Hema’s Journey here

Actress Hema Saxena, MISS-M GLAM, Soon To Screen Her Film JAUHAR To Bollywood, Read Hema’s Journey Here

Hema Saxena MISS-M GLAM Hema is now busy with many commercial shoots. She understands the nuances of acting properly, and she is now bagging many web series and reality shows offers.

Hema is soon going to show her Jauhar in Bollywood too. Hema was recently honoured as Film Icon of 2019-20 actor Surendra Pal. A Brand Ambassador of Indian Youth has been created.

ITIO has also interviewed Dr. Rajesh Kumar OTO Vam. Event Organizer, Corporate Show, Celebrity Sweet Temperament and Beauty Management. In private shows, he made a name for Delhi based Hema Saxena, for her successful work.

The name of such a personality, who not with standing being one of the best singers himself, not Hema, one who has many dimensions. She is the versatile, talented singer Richa Sharma owner of the company, who has also groomed social workers, anchors, celebrities etc. Just as the rivers of their talent skills cluster in the sea, in the same way, Hema Saxena has emerged as first model, as a talent model.

Nnevertheless, Hema was quite successful in singing competition and has always been fond of modeling. Hema, few years ago and now recently made people aware of her sweetly organized Mrs. Mumbai Global Singing Talent. Even as she was India’s third runner-up, today Hema has given you the same, and will step further in modeling.

She has cut out successful album as a contestant in many competitions such as Na Tu etc. and has also spread its captivating fashion skills on the ramp.

With the support and inspiration of many nationals, her fans and her husband, Hema has been successful in doing many memorable shows on the international level today by achieving live goals to her heart.

A Society Servant has named Hema, who is ever ready, like twinkling stars in the sky.

There is also a lot of GTV for the Kayastha Society as a singer, with Sazo Award and Kishore who continues to work. She has also been the founder and winner of the Kayastha Kumar Memorial Club, the Bhushan Award, with Anchor as its sweetest President.

Besides this, with Rotary influential voice, he has also done stage shows, corporate shows, TV of many Clubs and Energy Clubs of Hema. The successful staging of U.P, film photos etc. not only made the Journalist-2014 glorious headlines but she also received the Best Anchor Award and Talent of the Year-2018, 14th Film Competence and Unbeatable Efficiency of Mill Festival Media Talent-2016.

Hema has also been honoured with several awards for Best Anchoring on TV news channel. In Gur show Evening India in the show, Hema was invited as the Chief Guest at several events as memoir to singer Ravindra Jain. Currently INDIA 2019.

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