Ajaz Ali Ganaie makes Martial Arts as popular sports in Jammu Kashmir Shares his successful Journey with Hello Mumbai News

While Cricket Football Golf Water Sports Ice Stock Sport Adventure Sports and other Athletics have emerged popular in Jammu and Kashmir.

Now Martial Arts is gradually hogging the limelight. Thanks to Ajaz Ali Ganaie
Born in Mohalla Hawal Gasiyar of Srinagar City, Ajaz has made Martial Arts a very popular sports in Jammu Kashmir..

In childhood Ajaz began to play Martial Art Indoor Stadium nearby in Srinagar. Infact, he took up Martial Art from top Academy of State Diamond Martial Art Sports under the eminent coach Maqsood Hussain Ganaie of State.

Ajaz has emerged as the most prominent Martial Art player of Jammu and Kashmir under Kuldeep Handoo National Coach. Many times he has represented Country and State in India.

Achievements of Ajaz Ali Ganaie:

He is Gold Medal Winner in Stata Karate Do championship 2003.
He has bagged Gold Medal in All India Sky Sports championship in 2008.
Gold Medal in National Sky Martial Arts Championship in 2008.
Gold medal Winner in 3rd International Karate championship in 2012.
Gold Medal in 29th National Karate Championship 2013.
He has played National Sky Martial Arts Championship 2008 in Maharashtra.
He participated in 3rd international Karate championship 2012 in Pune (Maharashtra).
Participated 29th National Karate Championship 2013 Dharamshala Himachal Pradesh.
He bagged the Gold Medal in State Karate Championship 2003 in Jammu Kashmir
He is the Wushu Master in District.

He is the Karate Do Master of Jammu and Kashmir.
He is the Yongmudo Master of Jammu and Kashmir
He is the Kung Fu Master of Jammu and Kashmir.
He is the International and National Medalist player of Jammu and Kashmir.
He is the proud Founder of World Dum Allah Do Federation, Kashmir Martial Arts Games,Mex Martial Arts Games, Garind Master World.

When there is a talk about present Martial Art of Jammu and Kashmir the very name of Ajaz_Ali_Ganaie crops up immediately in the mind of Martial art fans.
He is even one of the admired Martial Art player of Jammu and Kashmir.

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