Bigg Boss House Receives Vegan Mithai This Diwali From Mercy For Animals: Contestant Soundarya Sharma To Be Thanked For Inspiring The Move

Animal Protection Organisation Heartened by Vegan Lifestyle of Contestant and Ranchi Diaries Star Soundarya Sharma

Mumbai — Inspired by Bigg Boss 16 contestant Soundarya Sharma’s vegan lifestyle, Mercy For Animals India Foundation sent vegan mithai to the Bigg Boss house. During the first day of Bigg Boss 16, Soundarya informed the other contestants that she is vegan and strictly follows a plant-based diet. She even proposed to cook her own meals.

“The Bigg Boss house can be stressful for contestants who are locked down even for just a few months”, said Nikunj Sharma, CEO at Mercy For Animals India Foundation. “Imagine the suffering endured by the billions of farmed animals trapped in cramped cages for their entire lives. We want Soundarya to enjoy Diwali with delicious dairy-free, cruelty-free sweets and inspire her fellow contestants to adopt a plant-based lifestyle.”

Mercy For Animals India Foundation is a leading animal protection organisation working to reduce suffering for animals trapped in the food system. Recently, after receiving representations from the organisation, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India passed the Food Safety and Standards (Vegan Food) Regulations, 2021, mandating that every vegan food item manufactured, packed, or imported by India have a distinct ‘vegan’ label.

MFA India sent the vegan mithai with a note that read :

“Dear Soundarya,

Hope you’re well! Team MFA India would like to wish you a very happy Diwali! We aim to inspire as many people as possible to protect farmed animals from cruelty. To this end, we are thrilled and grateful to you for adopting a vegan lifestyle and inspiring millions of your followers. We wish you the very best and hope you win Bigg Boss 16.”

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