BMC Corporator Priyanka Sawant Ward-75, Thanks Hon’ble CM Uddhav Thackeray & Party For Their Incessant Help

Ms.Priyanka Sawant  Corporator, of Ward No. 75, expressed her gratitude to Hon’ble Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and his party for their incessant support amid this pandemic situation.

Even as there were slum areas as well as societies falling under Ward No. 75, Priyanka Sawant said that with the help of BMC official’s and her co-ordinators she got sanitized the entire area.

In an interview with Hello India News Reporter Jui Jadhav, she said that slum areas were her target as people living in slum areas need to take more safety measures. Firstly she met the people living in slum areas and explained them about the virus.

Later awareness programme was done among the people. Food grains distribution was carried out in the area so that people staying home should not fall short of food grains and they don’t come out of their house to buy the food grains. Ironically, it was noticed that people were coming out of their houses to buy vegetables. So Priyanka Sawant along with the help of her co-ordinators started providing door to door vegetables so that people can stay in the house and take care of the family as well.

It was not only the residential areas but also public places such as library, bus stops were sanitized so that the virus is killed.

In the beginning as there was shortage of beds in Seven Hills Hospital, Priyanka Sawant ensured that henceforth there would be no shortage. With the help of BMC officials, beds were made available. SWAP test as well as oxygen level were checked on the people living in slums as well as in the societies. Every area is provided with medical test and necessary measures are taken for the residents.

Priyanka Sawant further said that there were problems in the beginning to create awareness among the people, but BMC helped her in creating awareness and thus she also expects that this helps continues during the monsoon too and there would be no problems.

Priyanka Sawant also added that now lockdown has been unlocked with relaxations, it doesn’t mean that corona has gone. It is left in the hands of the people to be safe and help the officials in getting rid of this virus.

Government and other officials are working hard and they even expect that people work hard by staying home and following the rules and regulations of the government.

News Report by: Jui Jadhav.

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