Bollywood Actress Sargam Khan Will Essaying A Major Role In The Movie ‘ICE-CREAM’ Produced By Silver Garage Production

The COVID-19 induced lockdown has heavily impacted on the Indian film industry at large and is the slim production and related fields have suffered at a great extent in the past few months.

Pathetically, the Indian film industry is reeling through its worst phase because of the lockdown necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

With the big releases being postponed, film, TV and web series shootings halted, theaters locked up and daily wage employees struggling for their next meal… the Rs 183 billion Indian film industry is reeling through its worst phase. because of the lockdown.

Ironically, following the Lockdown the entire economy is in great shambles and so is Bollywood as the film industry is shut down since 3 months.

Bollywood Actress Sargam Khan will essaying a major role in the movie ‘ICE-CREAM’ produced by Silver Garage Production.

Over a telephonic conversation with Hello India News reporter Ayushi Kedia, actress Sargam Khan, said “after more than three months, the film industry is now gearing up to brighten with flash lights of camera. and cheerful laughs of  actors.

For Sargam, this time around everything seems different to her. At first, everyone were present over by wearing masks as we were very much concerned for maintaining social distances alongside Sanitizing hand every time after touching any objects.
She mentioned, that “earlier she was put up in Dubai. But due to this covid-19 she returned back to India in early March. Amid this covid-19 getting an offer for a film, is an unexpected offer for her, for which she is feels immensely blessed and thanks to Almighty Allah.

Further she added that, the Movie ‘ICE CREAM’ is based on some thriller suspension; like the frustration which we see in today’s movies will be reflected in this movie. The director of this movie is Nikky Batra and the film is produced by Pune based Dr Anita S. Peswani, who couldn’t make it due to lockdown. She wasn’t able to come that day.

The Inauguration of the movie was held at A.B Sound West Andheri which is very near to Sargam’s house and Four Bungalows. She assumes that most probably towards end of July the shots may begin after analyzing the condition of COVID-19.

Besides this, the shoots will happen in very glorious and aesthetic place in Goa and jodhpur. In this movie actor Sahil Khan, also shares screen space in this movie.

Elaborating on her role in the film, at first she acknowledged it to be a character called ‘Mohini’ as she will show the positive and negative impact.

Moreover, the song will be dedicated to the character of ‘Sargam Khan’ which will be produced by ‘Ali Ghani’
Dress designer: Ekta Gupta
Make up by: Akram Hasmi
Written by: Trilok Sirasalewala

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