CHILDHOOD VACCINATION IN COVID ERA, Article By Dr Jagruti Parthiv Sanghvi

COVID 19 is the latest word in our vocabulary that has left us haunted! We are living in an unprecedented era of complete lockdown. For parents of infants and toddlers, it is a harrowing period too as due to the extended lockdown, many vaccines are pending! In such times, going to the paediatrician’s clinic or not-is the BIG dilemma!

In this article, I shall give some useful tips regarding your child’s vaccination in this COVID era. Parents, every vaccine has a time frame in which it needs to be given to impart immunity to your child at the right time. However, there are a few vaccines that can be postponed even for a few months till its upper ceiling date, after consulting your paediatrician. The vaccines that SHOULD NOT BE MISSED even during this COVID era are:-

A) BCG/Birth dose of OPV and Hep B, given soon after delivery, before discharge from hospital.
B) 6-10-14 week vaccines
C) MMR vaccine at 9 mo and 15 mo
D) Chickenpox vaccine at 15 mo
E) Seasonal and swine flu vaccine
F) Pneumococcal vaccine
G) Rotavirus vaccine within a specified time period.
H) Triple boosters at 5 & 10 years.
Parents can take the following care while taking their child for their vaccination:-
1) Take a prior appointment to maintain social distancing from other patients.
2) Wear a mask (and cover your baby).
3) Use sanitizers and minimize touching clinic furniture.
4) Take your baby’s own toys to play with while waiting for your turn and carry a sheet
to place your baby on.
5) Grandparents (senior citizens) should not accompany.
With these precautions, you can ensure safe and timely vaccination for your little angels. And yes,
keep calm and stay safe till we await a COVID vaccine in the near future!!
Dr Jagruti Parthiv Sanghvi

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