Damian Irzyk, Consul General, Poland Interacts With Hello India News On The Covid-19 Created Impact Between Poland And India

Damian Irzyk, Consul General, Poland Interacts With Hello India News On The Covid-19 Created Impact Between Poland And India

Covid-19 pandemic has caused much turmoil; social isolation and uncertainty about the future and coping with pressures. A global crisis such as this has gravely impacted not only on the people but on the economy and business activities and relationships between the respective countries.

In an Exclusive interview with Hello India News Mr Damian Irzyk, Consul General, Poland on the impact created by Covid-19 pandemic between Poland and India on business relations and trade.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, Covid-19 has spread like a raging fire and has heavily impacted on the trade and business relations all over the world. To what magnitude has the pandemic impacted on the Indo-Poland Trade Relationship?

Damian Irzyk: Polish and Indian business community constantly emphasizes that during this unprecedented global health crisis, trade is essential not only to save the livelihoods but also to save human lives. This is why the most important thing is to ensure the supply of essential products between our countries. I am therefore happy that despite this difficult circumstances our bilateral trade numbers for Q1 2020 remain solid and were not severely affected. But we still have to wait for Q2 data.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, what are your plans and strategies to come out from this pandemic crisis?

Damian Irzyk: The Polish government had recently decided to ease the restrictions, while maintaining the obligation to wear masks in public transport, cinemas, theaters and at some workplaces. Having said that, we realize that a continued vigilance and fast response is essential to ensure that a sudden, new spread of the virus can be contained immediately without generalized lockdown which is disastrous for the economy.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, Please enlighten us in a nutshell about the present situation in Poland following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Damian Irzyk: Poland is on track to overcome the COVID-19 epidemic. We have restored full border traffic within the internal borders of the European Union. International flights have been partially resumed.

However, our country’s borders that are also the EU’s external borders, remain closed. The Polish government spares no effort in protecting employment and supporting medical care services for vulnerable groups. The transport and tourism sectors, as vital for economy, have also been heavily protected.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, Indo-Poland relationship has been very cordial, so because of the damage done by the spread of Covid-19, how do you look at the future relationship between the two countries?

Damian Irzyk: Before the crisis both Poland and India were on the fast pace growth path. It is crucial for both economies to stay on course and to send a signal of confidence for the global economy. International co-operation is needed to keep trade flowing and avoid making things worse, through unnecessary export restrictions and other trade barriers.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, Do you think that this Covid-19 will last long?

Damian Arzyk : No. As of date, there is no vaccine and no specific antiviral medicine to prevent or treat Covid-19.
Until specific and effective pharmaceutical therapies and vaccines are available, we will not feel safe and should continue to follow personal protection recommendations.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir what’s is your appeal to the people?

Damian Arzyk : We need to limit outdoor movements as minimum as possible. Covering noses and mouths in public spaces and even while indoors, is a must.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, could you please let us have your valued suggestion to all the businessmen and counterparts amid the present tough pandemic time?

Damian Irzyk : Well, Amid the Global Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of people are coming up with amazing ideas on how to treat problems as opportunities. From community workers who set up a network delivering free meals to most vulnerable, to fresh engineering graduates who know how to make low-cost ventilators from scratch. Covid-19 will pass but the ideas preserve.

Hello India News : Hon’ble Sir, finally your candid message to the viewers of Hello Mumbai News

Damian Irzyk : Well, to this, I would only say that both Polish and Indians are optimistic nations. The optimism helped us to carry on even in the most difficult circumstances and situations. My message is, it will subside soon.

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