Delhi Police joins Josh in a bid to strengthen their connect with the citizens


In an effort to empower women, Delhi Police launched the #SashaktNaari challenge on Josh

India, 31 October, 2022: Leveraging the power of short-video content to engage with citizens, and spread important messages, Delhi Police has joined Josh, India’s fastest growing and most engaged short-video app. With an aim to empower and protect women, Delhi Police launched the #SashaktNaari challenge on the Josh platform which will serve as the digital avatar to the Sashakti initiative. The Sashakti initiative by Delhi Police’s Special Unit for Women and Children is aimed at promoting the safety and security of women in the national capital by providing them with self-defense training. So far, more than 11,000 women and children have participated in the physical self-defense training camp organized by the Delhi Police.

The SashaktNaari challenge on Josh encouraged women to share videos of themselves performing their favorite self-defense actions. In addition to this, Delhi Police also created a video detailing a few, easy self-defense actions for women and urged users to create a video of them performing their favorite step and share it on Josh to inspire and empower others.

The Sashakt Naari challenge was a resounding success on Josh, garnering 104.1 million views, 8.1 million hearts and 2.6K UGC videos.

“We, at Josh, are extremely honored to have the Delhi Police on our platform. Organisations are increasingly realising the effectiveness of short-video in creating meaningful and positive impact. As we endeavor to efficiently utilize our platform to become a catalyst of change in our society, we aim at leveraging our reach in Bharat to support the Delhi Police in their many nobel initiatives, such as the #SashaktNaari challenge, as they drive awareness to create a safer and more secure nation,” said Sunder Venketraman, Head of Creator and Content Ecosystem, Josh.

“We live in a digital-first world where social media has now become an important tool in driving essential conversations and creating awareness. Leveraging the effective power of short-video content that has the ability to capture people’s attention like no other, we are looking forward to harnessing the power of the platform Josh has provided us with, to incite positive change. The response we have received so far on Josh has been tremendous, which is a testament to the promising potential of the platform in engaging with citizens and spreading awareness,” said Ms. Suman Nalwa, DCP, PRO, Delhi Police.

Through associations with organizations such as the Delhi Police, Josh is actively working towards strengthening its platform’s offerings by providing diverse, informational content from different organizations that seek to educate, inform and empower their users and create a lasting, positive impact on society.

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