Diseases And Family Constellation With Mumbai Based Therapist Ms. Manisha Agrawal

Diseases And Family Constellation With Mumbai Based Therapist Ms. Manisha Agrawal

Family constellation is the brainchild of Dr. Bert Hellinger, where he studied insights on relationships, illnesses, a certain family pattern and behavior and beliefs of a family. In his studies, he claimed that our current life issues are influenced by the traumas suffered by the previous generations of our family. Family Constellation work helps resolves these traumas from the past. It is a method used to identify the emotional and mental constitution in the lives of people and in their relationships. Often it is observed, the most significant factor in disease causation is a traumatic event in one’s family history.

This psycho therapeutic approach unfolds the ordeals of our forefathers whose destiny is bound to the lives of the descendants. The deepest dynamics between generations may emerge as discomfort, illness or disease, emotional and mental difficulties between the family members who are largely unaware of. The hidden family dynamics (traumatic events) are usually the cause of an illness for the person. These dynamics unconsciously drive them towards the problems.

To elaborate, the constellations are a way to try and resolve family conflicts, hidden issues between family members and become more acquainted to the present lives. Because of anguish, animosity, phobia and sometimes health-related issues that may have occurred are somehow inherited and affect our present. Questions canvassed may help uncover the equation between the past and the present and help identify to understand and love and show affection in the right way which is mostly concealed by pain, anger and fear. There are various issues which are of constant concern and act as a barrier to the best of the efforts that we put towards consciously. Our current relationship, work institution or family’s link are however at times beyond one’s understanding and they influence our current state of mind unconsciously.

As mentioned earlier, emotional inclinations to our ancestors have a deep insight into our present. We always tend to look upon them and begin to ask questions to ourselves. We move forward every day, but these unanswered questions somehow resent our present consciousness and eat a part of us from within making it difficult to continue and maintain a healthy life. Such arrays of disruptions can make one feel pitiful and always find a reason to point fingers at others. Such is with Cancer. A disease that destroys the body’s own cells. The good cells blaming the bad cells leading to unintended eradication of good cells. People with cancer are always self-analytical. Using constellations, such laws are unmasked and give us access to core matter providing effective solutions and transforming issues quickly and productively. Such healing effects help find love and accept oneself entirely. It helps you to encounter life fully in the present, and trust in the future.

Cancer when related to Family Constellation, its primitive cause is anger, when held on for too long ingest your body from within. Their certain amount of trust issues with cancer patients which works as a blockage between cancer patient and medicine. Medical science is necessary for curing cancer, alternate healing play a role of support system in making the patient emotionally strong by healing emotional wounds. Healing of the family wounds can help heal any illness with Family Constellation work.

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