Dr. Swati Shah, President Of Inner Wheel Club Of Lonand, District 313, Satara, Shares The Club’s Teamwork Amid Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown Experience With Hello India News

During her conversation, Dr.Swati Shah amid sharing her information with Hello India news reporter Radhika Joshi said that the Inner Wheel Club, worldwide is the sister organisation of Rotary Club both domestic as well as International.

The Inner Wheel’s mission is to promote actions, services, and good practices intended to improve the lives of women and children in the world, through a global network of Members, that, voluntarily, donate commitment and love for others.

The Club has executed different activities which are as follows:

The Club performed Installation, amid the pandemic by following all the guidelines, and the ceremony was covered through Google meet.

Dr.Swati further asserted that the Club conducted Blood donation camp at Sona Alloys and accumulated 30 bottles of blood to provide a helping hand to Covid patients.

Paper Bags, wastes, are increasing and many people are ignoring this.. but, IWC looked after it and made paper bags from waste that is best from waste and distributed to the medical stores.

Furthermore, in this tragic circumstance, doctors are playing one of the most crucial roles to assist the patients. So they attended Doctors Day celebrations heartfully saluted the Corona Warrior Doctors.

Moreover, they also carried out Tree plantation. Each and every member of the Club planted a tree at their own house and even at the place where the EC meetings were held.

The IWC Lonand, and Ambarnath Hills jointly Saluted COVID Yodha, Asha Savika by donating them 42 (Asha) Umbrellas.

They also took the opportunity to welcome their new member in a unique way, A New member was welcomed with an oath and pin.

Apart from everything,the Club felicitated four ranker girls of SSC Board Exams with money and Inner wheel Bag.

These are some of the missions accomplished by the Club vastly recognized for its services.

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