Film Industry Is Facing An Economic Downfall, Producers Are Offering A Lower Remuneration States Archana Gupta In An Exclusive Interview With Hello India News

Film Industry Is Facing An Economic Downfall, Producers Are Offering A Lower Remuneration States Archana Gupta In An Exclusive Interview With Hello India News

Archana Gupta has worked in many films; starting with Tollywood Industry then she did a Kannada Film and then she moved towards Tamil & Malyalam Films. She has worked for Bollywood & also for many web series.
Her first film was a Telugu Movie Andamaina Manasulo. When she was quizzed about her first break, she quoted, “I had experience and interest in this creative field. My friends suggested me film industry but I had no contacts. So I did a portfolio in Delhi and on very second day I started to get calls. Soon had 2 jobs; so half day went in Airtel shoot and the other half for BSNL shoot. After completing the shoot I moved to Mumbai. I got my first Telugu film. Initially I had worked on a Hindi Film named Sancha staring Anupam Kher, Mukesh Tiwari, Vijay Raj but the film didn’t released; and then I got Telugu Film Andamaina Manasulo. The producer met me and after the meet I got a call asking to sign the film.”

She has worked for Poison staring Riya Sen, Tanuj Virwani, Arbaz Khan, and others. She has worked for films & web series; adores both equally and also ad experience. She quotes, “Both have different audience, different running time, movie has only 2 hrs and series have 10 episodes; so script should be crisp enough and convey the whole story in given time. On contrary, ad films have just 30 to 40 secs. So you need to be expert enough to sell product within 30 sec.”
When she was quizzed regarding her upcoming plans, she said she has gone through few scripts but everything is on hold due to lockdown. Pre-Lockdown she had worked on a web series called Love Stories for Mx Player but release is on hold due to lockdown.
When asked about lockdown effects faced by industry she says, “People have an opinion that shoots shouldn’t resume, but survival of many is dependent on this work. Now we know we have to live with COVID-19; so taking all the precautions and shooting is good for all.right now viewers need entertainment. So if we do not work on new content what will people watch?
Also COVID has affected industry economically. Now when I get calls the producer can offer me only 30%-50% of what I charge normally. Remuneration has faced a downfall but it is a good opportunity for strugglers. A struggler will agree with low pays than an established actor. People are taking advantage and getting the work done because they know we actors have no other option.”

She says that life is difficult for all. When one is struggling should be prepared enough to handle rejection. “Not all characters are written for you.” It is not necessary that you give audition and get selected. There is competition. Her advice to new comers is that they should be financially prepared to step out and reach Mumbai. The city is quite expensive and if one doesn’t have sufficient money you cannot survive. If you have will power and patience go for it or else it will be very difficult to survive.

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