Firuza Sena Secretary Lions Club, Cuffe Parade, Shares Charitable Activities With Hello India News Team

With the City reeling in the Covid-19 induced lockdown and with large number of cases coming up and inadequate quarantine centers, Hello India News Team took the opportunity to interact with Firuza Sena, Secretary Of Lions Club, Cuffe Parade for her views and comments.

Speaking to Hello India News Team, she affirmed that the Club has been carrying out many service projects aggregating to Rs.9,14,640/- in the first half from July to December ­- 2019. The October Service week was filled with major projects starting with the President’s Pediatric Cancer Project at the CPPA which was attended by the District Governor along with other District dignitaries.

The Club ensured that it covered almost all the thrust areas from Pediatric Cancer to Vision, to Youth, to intellectually & physically challenged to name a few. What is extremely heartening is to see the enthusiasm of the members and those involved in these projects.

In this Covid-19 induced lockdown the Club has donated Rs.1 lakh to Sneha NGO to help people in Dharavi area for food like grains, rice, vegetables and all essential daily needs.

Her experience  on covid-19 is that the situation is getting worse day by day and she was also isolated since one member living in her society in Wadala was suspected to have coronavirus and the building where she was living with other society members was quarantined for 14 days. But when the actual report emerged, all the tests proved negative.

She was very contended with the BMC as they were gracious enough to have helped her when all were quarantined in their building.
BMC people provided them with vendors who come daily to their Society. She appreciated the Police and the BMC Staff members for their whole-hearted cooperation when they were quarantined.

As many members of their Club are senior citizens, we cannot go out in this lockdown to help needy one as the donate money to help them. They are also closely working with Sneha NGO SD who have community centers in Dharavi. So Lions Club helped them to distribute food at that place. They have done much charitable work for various deserving causes and also helped cancer patient and have adopted two young children and donated 2 lakh for their treatment in Hospital. They also help physically and mentally challenged people in need of help.

Finally, her message to the people is to help needy people as much as they can as this will pay in the long run.

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