Leela Chandwani, District Secretary, Inner Wheel District 315, Hyderabad Central, Shares Her Experience Amid COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown With Hello India News

Leela Chandwani, District Secretory Of Inner Wheel District 315 Of Hyderabad Central, while sharing sharing her experience amid COVID 19 Pandemic says
“I’m a member of Inner Wheel Club Dist. 135 of Hyderabad Central since 2004 and till have done many charity work. Though it’s difficult to count, but, I enjoy doing my work”,

Mrs Chandwani further says that Coronavirus Pandemic is very challenging for humanity and has created crises worldwide.

As a member of Inner wheel Club she mentions that her club had done a lot of Charity work and project to help the needy and deserving since the beginning of this pandemic in India i.e. from March 2020.

Inner Wheel Club works to support many causes like for supporting Old Age Homes, Children in Orphanages, Underprivileged Students, Marriage of Underprivileged Women etc.
Mrs Leela also mentions that COVID period has made our regular work difficult because of the risk to get affected.

However Inner Wheel Club did not stop its work for the public. They have donated to old age homes and orphanages and all this were done via electronic payment mode. I.W.C. even felicitated 26 doctors in their region by sharing their thanks to them on various social media platform, supported hostel fee of students and provided PPE kits which were collected by Gandhi Hospital Staffs in Hyderabad.

A brief on Inner Wheel Club: Inner Wheel Club worldwide is the the sister organisation of Rotary Club both domestic as well as International.

Inner Wheel Club is most probably the largest women’s Voluntary Service Organisation in the world and hold Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). Together with Rotary Club, they have done yeomen service in helping the needy and rising to nature’s calamities. They are a most charitable organisation and believe in their motto “We Serve”.

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