Limoverse launches HealthFi and PartnerVerse globally, making a powerful entry to Move-to-Earn market

Mumbai, November 2, 2022: Limoverse, the world’s first blockchain-based health and wellness ecosystem and metaverse, has launched HealthFi and Partnerverse, two of its most ambitious projects. The platform aims to make a strong entry into the rapidly growing Move-to-Earn market with this launch. The projects were launched by Co-founder Sajeev Nair, who was joined by Limoverse Director for the MENA region, Hashir Najeeb, and Business Head Divjyot Chohan.

HealthFi is one of their unique projects, which allows users to earn money while walking/jogging/running. Participants in this project need to purchase a sneaker NFT from the Limoverse collection. PartnerVerse is another project that assists wellness organisations and wellness experts in becoming Limoverse Partner Organizations (LPOs) and establishing their brand shop in this metaverse’s Limo Valley segment. The platform is also offering free setup and global launch assistance to the partners as a launch promotion, for a limited time.

Commenting on the launch, Sajeev Nair, Co-Founder, Limoverse, said, “Our goal is to keep every individual focused on staying fit, and we simply reward users for staying fit and healthy through our five different gamified projects. Our mission is to empower people to take control of their own health and well-being, allowing them to live long, healthy, and productive lives while contributing to society. While most people want to stay fit and healthy, sticking to a fitness or wellness regimen has always been difficult.”

Further talking about the platform, he added, “We recently took part in an event where we surprised the attendees by letting them earn just by walking inside the exhibition centre. We were amazed to see over 20,000 visitors download the Limoverse app and reach the Limoverse Fitness Stage to claim their Limo crypto tokens. Limo is an ERC 20 token from Limoverse and will soon be listed on all the major crypto exchanges.”

The team behind Limoverse includes biohackers, doctors, researchers, wellness evangelists, and life coaches, led by Sajeev Nair. Before founding Limoverse, Sajeev Nair’s latest venture was Vieroots Wellness Solutions, whose flagship product EPLIMO is one among a handful of such genomic preventive programs in the world. EPLIMO stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications, and is prescribed with the help of Artificial Intelligence and based on genetic and metabolic assessments to detect risks for 250+ diseases before they develop, so that these personalised lifestyle modifications spanning nutrition, exercise, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises etc., can keep them at bay.

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