Lucknow Social Entreprenuer Yash Rawat, President, Founder, NGO, “Pahel Educational And Helping Hand Society,” Shares Her Experience And Charity Work Amid Lockdown, With Hello India News

In a conversation with Hello India News reporter Anisha Nandan, Mrs Yash Rawat, President and Founder of NGO Pahel Educational and Helping Hand Society, Lucknow NGO-“Pahel Education and Helping Hand” says “although her NGO is located in the City of Uttar Pradesh, but their work is not limited only up to Lucknow.”

She further said that they extended their helping hand all over UP. They are especially working for the welfare of kids and women, providing free education to the underprivileged children.

Forty two underprivileged children were found privileged during the lockdown to get the opportunity to study under this NGO. In the present scenario, 35 students under 15 to 25. Twenty two women more than 35 years are working there.

Notably, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Mrs Yash Rawat and her team distributed more than 300 masks, more than 100 gloves, sanitizers; distributed Corona Warrior Certificate to the policemen, doctors and media personals. They even provided food kits to the underprivileged people.

Mrs Rawat also mentioned that “Corona is a very massive challenge for each and everyone of us. In the beginning of this pandemic when we were going to help people wearing PPE kits, they were afraid of us.
I think this was because of lack of knowledge. They thought we were COVID 19 affected. This made me laugh.” After this incident they thought of and eventually started awareness camp.

This Pandemic has created an emotional experience for Mrs Rawat as she says, “While helping the needy during this pandemic we approached a differently-abled old woman unable to move her lower limbs. She lost her two sons who worked in army due to Coronavirus.

She was uneducated and was unaware of the Covid-19 epidemic and her eyes were full of tears.
This situation was enough to make me emotional.”

Mrs Yash Rawat and her team consoled the old lady and shifted her to Sneh Dhara Old age home in Lucknow.

Mrs Yash Rawat, who works for the welfare of the people, says that “there is only one message that she wants to pass on to every other women. She says: “I know, as a woman, it is our duty to fill the stomachs of our family members but the world doesn’t end there. There are 1000 empty stomachs and underprivileged people suffering during this pandemic. You must try to help people little by little. At least start with filling their stomach.”

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