Mamta Jain, Immediate Past President, Inner Wheel Club Of Secunderabad,Dis 315, Speaks About The Charity Projects Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown

Mamta Jain Immediate Past President, Inner Wheel Club of Secunderabad,Dis 315, speaks about the charity projects amid the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown with Hello IndiaNews Reporter Neha Singh.
“Inner Wheel is the largest Voluntary Women organization in the world, with it’s Headquarters in UK.
She said “Our Club have always extended our helping hand to the under privileged section of society” We have done the Four Projects even in Covid – 19.”

Notably, Mamta Jain is in her own business and very much active in social service, Distribution of food at Future Foundation.

They adopted a girl child at Smile Orphanage, Hyderabad .
Mrs Jain further says that Coronavirus Pandemic is very challenging for humanity and has created crises worldwide. However Inner Wheel Club did not stop the work for the public.

Their Important Charity Projects works are briefly described:
1.They have distributed 300 Self Isolation kits to the patients of Cantonment Hospital.
2. They did a project at Sir Paul Das Maternity Hospital run by TSHD ( Telengana state health dept.) Packets containing Horlicks , Fruits & Biscuits were distributed to the Lactating Mothers. They took care of their complete needs and stressed about Breast Feeding to them.
3. They distributed Food at Future Foundations. It is an Orphanage where small children live & study.
4. IWC SECUNDERABAD Dist. 315 adopted a girl child at Smiles Orphanage, Hyderabad .The girl child was adopted by their Member Sabita Gowra.
Mrs Jain views and opinion on Covid-19 crisis:
It’s an unprecedented situation which we have never seen or heard in our lifetime. Me and my family have adapted to the new normals of life. In Telangana we have never faced shortage of any essential commodities. Sincerely hoping for a early solution to this situation.

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