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Meet Delhi based 21 year old Mahir Malhotra. He has been in the city for his entire life along with his close-knit Punjabi family. He has done his undergraduation from NMIMS, Mumbai and was there for a few months before and after the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.Moving away from his home into a new city gave him some much-needed perspective and confidence.He pursued BBA and graduated this year and plans on building his own business, CLING-E, as well as carry on his family’s.
He recently went viral for doing the Kala Chasma trend on stage, during his convocation which was covered by notable news channels like ZEE news and Hindustan Times.



He started YouTube around 8th grade, a notable group that he followed and still does called “Sidemen”. They are UK-based Creators who did a lot on football and lifestyle content with their boy’s group.His trip to Maldives was his turning point from where he discovered his passion and interests as a photographer. Thus, commenced his journey as Content Creator.It’s been a wonderful experience for him that brought numerous opportunities his way.Currently, he does entertainment and relatable comedy on his Instagram and vlogs + sit down videos with his friends and family on YouTube. Daily reels and weekly videos on YouTube.

His business start-up, CLING-E is a magic hands-free phone sticker that allows you to stick your phone on any flat, smooth surface. Best part- anytime it’s dirty or less clingy, wash with soap and water- and it’s clingy all over again. It’s literally magic and replaces the tripod, selfie stick and kickstand in the most affordable and accessible way. Just for 399. This could be checked out more on his website www.clinge.inAfter two years of working on this startup and investing most of his money that he made through content creation, he finally launched it. The product is really useful for a content creator that aims to make the process of creating and consuming content easier through it.He taught himself the know-how to make the website, make prototypes, learn all legalities, delivery, courier, customs, licenses, and every small detail about start up.According to Mahir, content creation definitely is financially sustainable so long as you’re pulling in the numbers regularly and providing value to your followers. A micro-influencer can generate the same income as an undergraduate and a macro influencer can generate anywhere from standard MBA salaries to luxury living.It is important to know that self-l ife as a creator is short, as there is always something or someone new.

So, it is important to diversify and keep your followers engaged and come back for more.There is no defined path to success in this field. Be creative, pour your heart into it, perform on the best platform practice and keep trying things till something works out. Moreover, it is essential to have your unique take on creation due to the competition. Find your niche, feel happy to do it, and numbers will follow. His favourite creator is KSI. He’s a UK creator, part of the Sidemen- the group I mentioned earlier. He has seen from day 1, going from videos in his mom’s bedroom to selling out arenas via music and boxing. It proves creators can do anything they want, even better than the traditional entertainers.

“Talent can get you far, but hard work can get you anywhere”

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