Meet Mallesham Ande District President South Central Mumbai of All India unorganized workers congress

Charity work picture during lock down.

Hello Everyone ! Myself Mallesham Ande

Brief description about Mr.Mallesham Ande :-

I joined All India Unorganized Workers Congress 1 year ago ( In 2020).
I stay in Wadala.

My designation in this is District President (SCM). I have done my studies till SCC.
During lockdown, I have given food to the poor people. And in Nair hospital, Kem Hospital, Sion Hospital also Me and my group i have given food to the patients and also to their families members . Because there was a strict lockdown in the state due to which everything was closed so we decided to give all the patients and their families food and water. We had 13-14 boy’s behind my back who supported and helped me to give food to the needy families.

Mr.Janardan Singh supported us soo much and encouraged me a lot to help the poor people.

He gave us every necessary food like oil, Rice, dal, flour Masala ,etc worth Rs 1000-15,000, and we distributed it in our nearby areas to the people. Every labourer who went to their villages we gave them food.

Besides this i have a 30 year’s experience in watch repairing and 20 year’s in mobile repairing.
I had my office in Charni road named as ” Shri Siddhi Telecom Watch repairing and mobile Repairing”.

I am expert in Social Work. By helping people and supporting them at their bad times.

If someone wants to go to hospital (mostly cancer patients)we take them to the hospital without taking any money.

According to me , the the lockdown decision is alright, but the labourers ,and the people ,and many other poor people should get something from the government.Also, the electricity bill should be forgiven for the poor people.

One small message to the public :-
If you all are taking Corona Vaccine then you will get fever but don’t be worried you all will be fine in 2-3 days.

For more details,

Contact :- +91 90827 58660
Address :- Antophill B-91 Motilal Nehru Nagar kokari Agar Wadala 400037

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