Mumbai based Dr Swami Pawar Shares his Covid 19 Pandemic experience and views with Hello India News

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Dr Swami Pawar: Medical workers have seflessly worked during the pandemic and our only focus is to see a happy patient go back home

It is important to follow the right guidelines and medical advice during the pandemic and not fall prey to rumours. Dr Swami Pawar, pulmonologist, chest specialist practising at Thunga Hospital in Malad and at Mira Road, feels that people should not suffer from anxiety.

He said, “There are so many people who fear the virus and refuse to get tested. They should get themselves tested and not follow any rumours. It is important that they follow the right safety protocols and do what is best under medical advice.”

Dr Pawar studied at the KEM hospital and has helped many people during the pandemic. He has also given the right treatment to many senior citizens suffering from COVID-19 and helped them in recovery. He also feels medicines should be used at the right time and at the right situation.

He added, “The happiness that I see on people’s faces when they go home gives me immense satisfaction and happiness. We have been working for the last 1 year. Medical fraternity has been working throughout the lockdown and the first phase was even more difficult than the second phase. There was no transport during that time. Frontline warriors have done a great job and his reward is only about recovery of patients. I have been associated for the last 16 years with Thunga hospital, and the focus is to bring recovery and provide facilities to patients.”

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