Mumbai: Handsome and talented Actor Vikrant Anand Shares his Professional Journey with Hello Mumbai News

File picture of Vikrant Anand.

Vikrant Anand endowed with good talents is no newcomer to the dazzling world of glamour and neons. He has also done a few commercials. His most popular movies has been Hera Pheri 3, Dosti Ke Side Effects.

Janvi S Panjwani, Hello Mumbai News Correspondent, chanced to get the privilege to rope in took the dashing and debonair Vikrant Anand for an exclusive interview.

Excerpts of the interview:

Janvi : Hello Vikrant, Welcome to Hello Mumbai News.
Tell me what prompted you to take up acting profession? How did it all happen.

Vikrant Anand:- Hi Janvi. Amidst smiles he went on to say “I started my career by doing commercials (Ads) With Gurmeet Choudhary, and my first commercial with him was Metro Tyres and simultaneously was doing Modelling too. My second commercial was Chik Shampoo in which I shared space with actress Preetha Rao, sister of well-Known actress Amrita Rao.
I was born and brought up in Madhya Pradesh.
Janvi: Vikrant, which was your maiden movie in Bollywood?

It was Sohail Khan’s ‘Fight Club’ . Sunil Shetty was also in that movie. It was a proud moment for me that whoever watched the film including my friends in Madhya Pradesh showered praises for my performance. This inspired and motivated me to foray into the acting arena. So I landed in Mumbai the “Mecca” of Hindi Films at Asha Chandra Institute for a crash course in acting. Notably, this institution boasts of famed Bollywood actors who earned name fame and wealth after have learnt acting from this institute.

I am a Diploma Holder in acting from this institute. Later my struggle period started. Luckily I signed one movie named ” “Naughty  Paji “ which did not see the light of day owing to varied reasons.

Janvi: Which other movie you signed?

It so happened that my friend informed me that he is launching a regional movie and would I like to act in it? I immediately agreed to do the regional movie in Bhojpuri language titled “Hamar the love story” with Monalisa and many other bollywood actors.

File Picture of Vikrant Anand in the movie “Mungerilal B Tech”
file picture of Vikrant Anand in Bhojpuri Film “Hamar Love Story”
File Picture of Vikrant Anand’s movie.

Vikrant further added that he had learnt a lot by doing regional films.. Many people say that one should not do regional movies as it doesn’t have any scope. But according to Vikrant, as an actor one shouldn’t let any offer go from our hand .

He further made it known to Janvi that he improved his acting skills from this movie as it gave him practical experience to face the camera.

Thereafter he had done another Hindi movie titled” Mungerilal B Tech” in Kanpur with my Wife Khushi Anand and after that i had done a big picture named “Dosti ka Side Effects “ debuted by Sapna Chaudhary with actors Zubair , Neel Motwani in which i was in the lead. This movie was a hit in Amazon.

File Picture of Vikrant Anand in the movie “Dosti Ke Side Effects”

Vikrant’s other movie is “Pledge the protect” in which he enacts the role of a cop. It is a biopic on the life of an Indian Custom Officer.

File Picture of Vikrant Anand in the Movie “Pledge the Project”

Janvi : Who supported you the most for stepping into the acting arena?

Vikrant :- Many people said we need to have a God Father in this field but I had only God with me and my Lord has always supported me and then my mother supported me a lot also my Wife Khushi Anand who also supported me.

Janvi :Which is your recent shoot ?

Vikrant:- Now I’m doing a movie titled “Pyar Condition Apply ” with Daisy Shah, Tanuj Virwani and the shoot will commence from 10th April .
The shoot for “Pledge to Protect” in which I play INSP Deshmukh directed by Suresh Zhade and produced by Anson Thomas is in progress in Mumbai.

Janvi :- Your favourite type of role ?

Vikrant Anand :- I like to do negative roles. In my shoot for Pledge to Protect I play a corrupt policemen and I am enjoying the negative role very delightfully.

File Picture of Vikrant Anand

Janvi:- In future which will be your first priority, movie, or a tv serial ?

Vikrant A nand :- In a joyful voice he said “Obviously it will be a movie “.

So this is Vikrant Anand, talented actor who is sure to make a mark on Big Screen ( Movies)

File Picture of Vikrant Anand
File Picture of Vikrant Anand with Farah Khan

News input by :- Janvi S. Panjwani

News Edit by K.V.Raman


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