Mumbai Painting Artist Sangeeta Babani opens up on the impact of the Pandemic on individual and the the nation in an exclusive Interview with Kamal Prabhakar.

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Mumbai Painting Artist Sangeeta Babani opens up on the impact of the Pandemic on individual and the the nation in an exclusive Interview with Kamal Prabhakar.

No doubt Covid 9 pandemic has left a very profound impact on everyone Globally. Even as yet the world is struggling mode to unlock from this pendamic.


Hello India News UK Correspondent Kamal Prabhakar availed the opportunity to rope in Sangeeta for an exclusive interview. She shares her experience the pandemic had on the Art and Painting amid lockdown.

Excerpts of the interview:


Kamal Prabhakar  : Could you kindly share your Covid 19 Lockdown experience with us?

Sangeeta Babani : We artists are very sensitive people and  the ongoing pandemic has had a profound impact on the individual and on the life of the nation.  “It’s impossible that the powerfulness of such an event in our history can leave anyone untouched,”  But it is a reality and we have to accept it, and what made an impact is  the distress of the general public especially the migrants.

Kamal Prabhakar : As an Artist and Painter how did you spend your time amid this tough period ?

Sangeeta Babani : For me art, be it sketching or painting, has always been therapeutic, more so during this lockdown. I’ve realised that painting offers me a gateway to a more peaceful and happy place.” On positive note of the lockdown, I am getting time and space for brainstorming and generating creative ideas and experimenting with different mediums and surfaces.

Kamal Prabhakar : Did the Lockdown impact your Profession and Business?
Had this one year lockdown period changed your lifestyle as well your working style?

Sangeeta Babani : The pandemic has impacted every single industry, especially the art world. Traditional art investors have not only pulled back due to financial uncertainty but also because galleries have been closed and events such as art fairs have been canceled. first time buyer always must see the art in person when buying it. Once they own a piece, then they almost always want to buy another one, in this case, based on digital viewing. One half is consciously not spending any money right now in fear of the unknown times.  Art can be the smallest in size, but the most expensive valuable commodity and most serious collectors know this very well.Of all the necessities we now feel so keenly aware of, the arts and their contribution to our wellbeing is evident and, in some ways, central to coronavirus confinement for those of us locked in at home. For some, there are more pressing needs. But momentary joys, even in dire circumstances, often come through the arts and collective expression.”

kamal Prabhakar : Could you throw light on to what extent the pandemic effected your Art and painting business?

Sangeeta Babani : There’s no substitute for physical spaces. No number of virtual exhibitions can stand in for the warmth of human proximity. We are optimistic that medical science, along with a reconfiguration of public spaces, will take us back to our former way of life one day. The decline of face-to-face interaction, previously essential to art market transactions, has placed strain on each corner of the community. In the absence of physical co-presence with the artworks and art world, participants struggle to evaluate and appreciate artworks, make new social ties, develop trust, and experience a shared sense of pleasure. These challenges especially impact the primary gallery market, where participants emphasize a communal commitment to art above instrumental speculation.

We find a transition to distant online communication, but the likelihood of this continuing after the lockdowns end and the virus dissipates varies according to the subcultures of these market segments.

Kamal Prabhakar : How do you forsee the future of Art and Painting business after this Lockdown?

Sangeeta Babani : Art has always had space in societies, no matter how difficult the times were. I imagine there will always be space for good art,”   the art world will thrive again in the future—whenever that is.

Kamal Prabhakar : Please be kind enough to Share your future plans with Us.

Sangeeta Babani : The Indian art market,  has survived many storms. It was rocked by the government’s decision to demonetize high-value currency notes in 2016, followed by the imposition of the goods and services tax.
The slowdown owing to the pandemic is, in contrast, unanticipated and a strong presence in the digital space is on everyone’s mind at the moment. Social media platforms are crowded with virtual events, performances and live conversations, galleries must invest in state-of-the-art technology to create viewing experiences that can replicate the feeling of walking through a physical space.

Kamal Prabhakar : You are a senior in the field of Art, any sugesstion or advice to the industry people?

Sangeeta Babani : Artists and communities need the transformational power of creativity now more than ever,there is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal. All of them have something to say, ideas to express. This virus is an opportunity to listen to the voices of people we typically ignore. At the same time, it is important to recognize and protect the work of our artists. May these times of distance and over-connection show us, more strongly than ever, that duty of care we have to our artists as a society.

Kamal Prabhakar : Your candid message to the people amid this pandemic?

Sangeeta Babani : I wake up every morning and I get to do whatever I want,  well, most of the time try not to worry about it anyway. I guess I have a bigger voice than most people do because of being an artist. so I will continue to say what I think and to encourage positivity. it’s easy to be negative in these dark times. but I’ve decided to be positive.’ It won’t be like this forever! So stay Positive

Kamal Prabhakar : Thank you very much Sangeeta ji for sparing your precious time to us and sharing your lockdown experience. All the Best.

Sangeeta Babani : Thank you Kamalj and Hello Team.

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