Mumbai Social Entreprenuer Vaishali Ashit Bothra, Shared Her Views And Charitable Work Amid Lockdown With Hello India News

[droparc]M[/droparc]any Non-Government organizations are surging forward to help people in this prevailing pandemic circumstances by providing essential aspects, which is required by people. One of them is various NGOs and organisations  who are achieving an extraordinary job, but on a personal point too people are beginning to attain supporting hands like Vaishali Bothra. She served for an aiding and received appreciation for her work. She is socially connected to various NGOs and Educational institutes in various capacities for the last ten years. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and social upliftment, the future vision for integrated growth and development of women across all the sectors.
Her work in the integrated development of rural villages is recognized and highly appreciated.

Interacting over phone with Hello India News, she asserted , “firstly I will say to do all this work I adore,and her for various NGOs and organisations did as a part of group activity on a personal level. She feels very much satisfied, and much happy that God has given a chance and we could do something for the people.

The Satisfaction which she has garnered is fantastic and feels grateful to become a helpful hand to someone for society sake.

Further, the call comes from someone she tries to help them. It could be the money amounting from Rs. 2,000 to Rs.10,000. Recently one patient craved for medical help due to high blood pressure.
She noticed Diabetes and had an exchanged it with the hospital and bestowed a discount.

Whatever sudden cash was required she saw to it that it could be reached From Jodhpur, Rajasthan, she got a message about a vegetable vendor. She helped him by pooling in a small amount of Rs. 3,000.

Many people benefited in this means. The person told her that his legs were amputated and that I provided him with a Crutch. She feels immensely pleased after listening to these words. Corona is affecting everyone. The lady who owns a shop, assisted her and sent her a letter on Whatsapp. I tried to repay her money but she declined saying she doesn’t need and that i should just take care of myself..

Likewise, I am indebted to God for giving her alternative option to perform something for the people, to give the society what she has earned from it.

She has received appreciation for her work from Jain Social Group and Star 2020. She feels when your consciousness informs you about the work you did is promising it sounds good.

Apart from this, she says,Various  NGOs and organisation has accomplished much work according to them. They have done a fantastic job. She makes it k own that she has done all this endeavor on a personal level, without taking their help. According to her, resources operated. She has spent her own money. That is the best part for her as NGO does than it is everyone’s money.

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