New Covid-19 Variant OMICRON outbreak in South Africa causes concern in India

The news of the outbreak of Covid-19 New Variant SARS-CoV2, B.11.529 OMICRON in South Africa has not only worried the Scientists but the People in India too. Just as the Covid-19 2 is on the decline and businesses in full swing and with people moving about freely, this Variant threat is sending cold shivers down the spine of people.

So when news emerged on November 25th in South Africa of a worrying new variant of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, many countries in Europe and elsewhere banned travel from countries in southern Africa within a day.

There are many concerns with Omicron. The biggest is that it may have the ability to spread more easily than Delta, the variant that dominates cases of covid around the world today. If so, Omicron could supplant Delta within months. In that case, Omicron would cause bigger outbreaks that flare up faster than Delta and are harder to stop. Another worry is that today’s vaccines and drugs against covid may be less potent against Omicron and may therefore need to be redesigned.

News Input:K.V.Raman

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