Raipur Social Entreprenuer Ms. Smita Singh And Founder Of ‘ Shakuntala Foundation’, Chhattisgarh, Raipur Help Poor People Amid Pandemic Situation, Shared Her Work Experience With Hello India News

Interacting with Hello India News Reporter Shikha Singh, Ms. Smita Singh, President, Shakuntala Foundation shared her experience and work done amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

She said “we have always worked for the villagers and were fully aware of their plight. We distributed masks as a precaution to curb the coronavirus.

When we visited them, the villagers revealed their their health problems and other related problems. It was a pathetic sight of a poor woman who couldn’t hear and speak, and a child with skin diseases. Healthy support will be given to them. The foundation will soon conduct a continuous awareness campaign in Pahnda and other rural areas.”
She further added on the condition in rural areas.

“During the conversation, it was found that people are earning money through daily wages, but the money is being spent to buy liquor which impacts on their children’s situation. An awareness campaign is very much needed to curb the drug addiction.

Anita Sahu, a member of the organization was present in our awareness campaign. Panch Lata Sahu, Sub-Sarpanch Surendra Sahu, and Amaleshwar police station DSP Vijay Singh Rajput and constable Yashpal Sahu of Pahanda have made commendable contributions.,
Thank you all for your cooperation said Smita Singh.”
Smita Singh shared a real incident of 4 year old girl “our Shakuntala Foundation Chhattisgarh assisted a four-year-old girl, a heart patient. Archana Thakur who came from Jashpur for Raipur treatment has a hole in her heart. Financial support is provided for the patient’s transportation and medicine. The family wishes the Shakuntala Foundation Chhattisgarh for their cooperation.

Shakuntala Foundation, the popular social organization of Chhattisgarh, is doing commendable work in the area of ​​Chhattisgarh, especially for the heart-affected children.

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