Raipur Social Entreprenuer Smita Singh, Prez Shakuntala Foundation, Helps Woman Sitting In Middle Of Road Amid Heavy Traffic With Help Of Police

In conversation over phone with Hello India News reporter Ashmita Chhabria, Smita Singh said that “Shakuntala Foundation” is credited with a mark for carrying out social service.

Smita Singh is also credited for being the face of the Foundation.

Amid Lockdown, the Foundation has been working from dawn to dusk day towards the welfare of the citizens. Their only “motto” is to provide help towards the needy as much as possible.

Recently, Smita Singh saw a helpless woman pathetically sitting sitting in the middle a road. There was a heavy vehicular movement on the road, due to which the woman fell a victim of an accident.

Upon seeing the pathetic condition of the woman, Smita Singh dialed 112 and thereby, gave the woman a new life by bringing her to a safe place. Earlier, Smita has also rehabilitated many deranged persons.

Notably, Smita works actively with her social work for the welfare of the people living in society. This in itself is sole and sufficient proof of her love for the society.

Markedly, Smita Singh has executed many charitable work and has staked her life to the society and her Shakuntala Foundation.

Shakuntala Foundation is a well reputed Foundation of Raipur Chhatisgarh. They have executed many charity works.

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