Rajneeti Ki Patshala Celebrates Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Boss in Mumbai

Inauguration ceremony picture of the event.

To commemorate the auspicious Birth Anniversary and as a Tribute to the eminent and Selfless Freedom Fighter of our country, Subhash Chandra Bose on 23 January an event was organised by the Founder of Rajneeti Ki Pathshala, Shri Ajay Pandey ,Vice President Dr.Jiggnna Desai of Mumbai Zone and with support of Whole Team of RKP which included Ulka Nair,Akash Shukla,Sanjeev Tyagi,lakkiji,Venkat Laxmi,Shubhadip,Kinjal Shah,Mahesh Rajput at the Mayor’s Hall,Juhu lane.

Notably, Rajneeti Ki Pathshala is Spread Globally and the event is Celebrated around the globe every year.
The prime motive of this NGO is to spread awareness about the Samidhan,Constitution of India, Article 51A ( Article 51A Constitution of India: Fundamental Duties )

This event was conveyed by Founder Ajay Pandeyji and whole Team.
Dr.Jiggnna Desai who is the Mumbai Zone Vice-President of Rajneeti Ki Patshala.
Noteworthily, Dr.Jiggnna Desai is an affable Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Psychic Medium, Numerologist ,Astrologer,Vastu Consultant, a Master Healer ,She is also a multi modality practitioner
by Profession,and also an active Social Worker towards Society. She is a model by passion, and has also been crowned as Mrs.Talented in Beauty Pageant held in 2017.
She Is Also Associated and President of Mumbai zone for DadaSaheb Phalkain Awards and Brijbhoomi Foundation.

With her Knowledge and Blessings from the universe she helps and guides people to transform their lives with positivity and theory of law of attraction. She is a firm believer in Manifestation.

Many eminent personalities were invited for the auspicious Event and were warmly Feliciated with the Rajniti Ki Patshala ( RKP)Souvenir.
The event also witnessed the gracious presence of Ex-MLA Shri Ashok Bhav of Congress as Chief Guest and who delivered a speech and participated in the Deep Prajwalan prior to the start of the Event.

The Event also saw the presence of Guest Of honours like Celebrity Astrologer-Dr.Hittesh Gurujee-SpiritualGuru,who

Dr.Jiggnna Desai RKP VP, with Celebrity Astrologer-Dr.Hittesh Gurujee.
Dr.Ajay Pandey founder of RKP with Ulka Nair during the event.
Dr.Jiggnna Desai RKP VP,with other awardees .

is also member of RKP.
Bollywood Director Anand Roa,Mukesh Kumar Agarwal Founder of Lost and Found NGO.
Kalyanji Jana Founder of Dadasaheb Phalke Award
Jyoti Chhabria – Entrepreneur/ Model,
Kiran Golani Founder of Superwomen .

Many Women and Men Were Felicitated and posthumously honoured with the Subhaschandra Samman all around the globe.

The Special Categories of Awardees were Ms.Archana Jain who is Founder Of the Brainy Beauty Pageant- Author. Amrita Mishra Founder of BeboldWomen and BeautyPageant.Prachi Narkar Founder Of Glitterz Beauty Pageant, Rabia Patel- Founder at Rabiaz Walk for Cause/Author.Ravika Duggal ,amazing Singer.
Saima Shabbir-Makeup Artist and owner of Sparkle Academy ,Ankita Ankotkar ,ex Radio Mirchi RJ .Khanjana Mota- Fashion Designer and winner of Brainy Beauty Pageant.
Dipti Nagrecha, Founder of Unite,
Hetal Cheda – Food Expert,
Nisha Jain- Entrepreneur ,
Blessmoul Samuel as Fashion Photographer, Harsh Pandorwala CEO and Founder of Universal Interlink.
Specials Thanks was extended to the entire Team Members of Rajniti Ki Patshala(RKP) and Founder Dr Ajay Pandeyji

The event also witnessed the kind presence of Committee members
Maharashtra President Mrs Ulka Nair – a social worker and a business woman, And at Mumbai level Committe Vice President Dr Jiggna Desai, General Secretary, Shubhadip Das – E commerce expert and business man,
General Secretary Ms. Venkatlaxmi Boggula – business woman and a social activist,
Secretary Kinjal Shah — Social Worker.

CommitteMembers at National Level, Akash Shukla – Founder Uprise India and business man and National Vice President of RKP
Mr.Lakki Chandwani – Real Estate Agent -social worker and National Secretary- Sanjeev Tyagi Vice Chairman of RKP and Mahesh Rajput National President .

News Edit by K.V.Raman

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