Rohan Mody, Amar Gandhi, Co-Founders, Regulated Canadian Immigration Services, Share Difficulties Faced By Them Amid Lockdown With Hello India News Correspondent Ashmita Chhabria

They said that, IELTS Test Centres and Biometrics collection centers were shut and are now slowly opening up.
IRCC’s processing times had become slower than usual. The only challenge was to make sure that applicants for PR were not panicking and becoming pessimistic about their plan to apply for Canadian PR.

Their business is being affected due to lockdown. Amid the pandemic, they had to implement a strict work from home policy for all their staff. Since this was a pilot run for them, they had to make sure everything went smoothly and it didn’t affect the quality of their service to their client’s and meeting their deadlines.

They shared their plans of survival during this crisis period, by quoting, “We have already rose and excelled in this crisis situation. The month of March 2020, was tough for us as people were coming to terms with the pandemic. Many were laid off and a lot of them were adapting to working from home. But our vision and message to our clients is that right now is in fact the best time to apply and be ahead in queue of the applicants.

When they were questioned for their views about Canada facing racial problems and Indian students misusing Canadian Government’s immigration policy and what are their views on this, they stated,” Canada is one of the most inclusive countries in the world. There are people from every religion, cast, creed, nationality, skin color, gender, sexual orientation who live together in harmony and call Canada their home. They have traveled all over the world and willingly affirms to this. They find it unfortunate to see how a lot of time within India, people differentiate amongst them based on religion, caste, language and skin colour.

There should be zero tolerance for any international student misusing or misrepresenting themselves in any form or manner or violating the laws in Canada. Off late, there have been a lot of incidents of street violence, rash car driving and other such issues, especially in the Greater Toronto Area created by international students. They should have stricter measures to deal with such incidents. A handful of such students shouldn’t be setting a bad example to the entire community of people who’ve given their sweat and blood to make a name for them in this country.

They further state that Canada has become a haven for Indian students and professionals. Canada is currently one of the only countries with an open immigration policy in the entire world. It provides world class education at very affordable and competitive rates. Especially with immigration becoming worse by the day in the USA, a lot of prospective students and young professionals are choosing to now study, work and settle in Canada.
The pathway to becoming a PR for an international student is a smooth process. Every major MNC has offices in Canada and with the increasing immigrant population, the demand for goods and services are also increasing which is leading to creation of new jobs.

When asked about Canadian Government allowing a lot of refugees from Middle East, they gave an informative reply. Canada basically allows people from war torn countries to have a new and secure life in Canada. No other country is as humanitarian and compassionate towards people in need. There was an exodus of refugees from India too at one point. With everything going on in the world right now, it’s unfortunately from the Middle East region.
When asked about Indian Doctors and Dentists being able to practice directly in Canada, they replied, “Most healthcare professionals, including doctors and dentists have to undergo an equivalency and licensing process in Canada before they can start practicing in their profession in Canada. Although it might seem like a daunting task, it’s well worth the efforts once you’re licensed. Healthcare professionals are one of the highest earners in Canada. Also, since they have advanced education, they easily qualify through and receive their PR.”

Timing is of essence in your plans to migrate to Canada. The sooner the better. The current Liberal Government has made it easier to immigrate. One never knows how policies or regulations might change in the future and make it difficult. Also, with one’s increasing age, it’s only going to keep getting more difficult.

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