Rotary Club Of Jumeirah, Dubai, Collaborates With CR Hope Foundation To Step Up Amid The Covid-19 Induced Lockdown

Rotary Club Of Jumeirah, Dubai, Collaborates With CR Hope Foundation To Step Up Amid The Covid-19 Induced Lockdown

Rotary Club, scattered across the country and countries across the seven seas have been doing exceptional and loyal services in terms of help amid grim situations and nature’s calamities.

They even responded to the impact of the global COVID-19 crisis in India as well as in overseas where the virus struck and spread ragingly.

Their services on humanitarian grounds goes beyond description. They are closely monitoring updates and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to ensure the safest and most appropriate actions taken on the communities they serve.

Now an interesting news comes to light that they have entered into collaboration with CR Hope Foundation to step up amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown

Reportedly, with a group of active and enterprising volunteers they aim to provide more than 4,000 labourers in Ajman with regular free meals to the poor, needy and deserving people amid the Covid-19 induced lockdown.

As per the Organisers, the coronavirus pandemic meant some workers had limited access to hygiene products and food.

As part of their charity distribution drive in the coming month, the teams from the emirates will distribute basic health kits and other essentials to those in need.

A Warehouse space has been set up to store the stock and which has already been secured and supply lines also set up. as per Paula Jain Cox, Director of the Board of Trustees at the CR Hope Foundation

As per Paula Jain Cox, Director of the Board of Trustees at the CR Hope Foundation, “in the wake of the pandemic, we had to cancel a volunteer trip to Zanzibar, so have focused efforts closer to home.”

“Now, lower-income groups will be suffering in varied ways such as lack of work and income. No work often means no access to food.”

” CR Hope Foundation has been established to help provide children in Tanzania, East Africa, with a better education.

However, staff in the UAE have teamed up with Food-ATM and the Rotary Club of Jumeirah to launch the Ajman initiative.

Even as the Rotary Club of Jumeirah is part of a global humanitarian organisation, Food-ATM provides free meals to “less privileged” groups in the Emirates.

Reportedly, “Food-ATM is being pushed to their maximum capabilities in terms of money for food supplies so we decided to step up, launch this initiative and send calls for help,” according to Ms Cox.

She further adds, “We have secured extra warehouse space and a team ready to start supplying the higher volumes this campaign will bring.

“With the support of the Rotary Club of Jumeirah and suppliers, the campaign is ready to go.”

Every day for the next 30 days, food boxes containing two meals each, as well hand sanitiser and soap, will be distributed to businesses in Ajman’s industrial area.

Food ready for delivery. Courtesy: CR Hope FoundationFood ready for delivery. Courtesy: CR Hope Foundation
The same supplies will also be delivered to labour camps in the emirate for workers living there.

The health kits each cost Dh5 to put together while the food parcels are worth about Dh15.

“We hope that Ajman be the first emirate to run this initiative and that it will then extend into other emirates as well,” said Ms Cox.

Ayesha Khan, the Founder of Food-ATM, said the scheme would ensure the health and safety of thousands of labourers.

She threw light that “When the CR Hope Foundation contacted me to arrange logistics for this much-needed initiative I was extremely happy that someone was thinking about the workers here in Ajman.”

“Due to the current situation, many cannot afford to buy meals and do not have the money to buy hygiene products to stay safe.

“We really have no resources at this stage and it is so kind of the Rotary Club of Jumeirah and CR Hope Foundation to step up.

“There are inconsistent supply issues across suppliers that we are aiming to control, however, as a minimum, the health kit will include wipes, soap and sanitiser that will help workers protect themselves from the virus.

“The companies employing the labourers do think about their people but none has planned for a day when work might suddenly stop.

“Workers are remunerated on a daily basis. Depending on the workflow, some may get paid but others won’t.”

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