Social Activist Jameel Chisti Joins Shiv Sena, Takes Charge Of Mathadi Kamgar, MP Arvind Sawant Welcomes Him

Muhammed Jameel Chisty All India National President, Human Rights joined Shiv Sena for which MP, Shri Arvind Savant, Cabinet Minister congratulated and welcomed him.

Earlier Muhammed Jameel worked for Human Rights in his conversation with Hello India News, he explains, how the Maharashtra Chief Minister showered praises on him for his work amid the Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown.
Further, he is Vice-President of Maharashtra and is in Mathadi Kamgar and Transport Kamgar Sena.

He firmly believes in supporting poor and needy and has accomplished many activities for them. He says that he is with the poor people, and is a non-corrupt person. Moreover, he is immensely willing to facilitate needy people as well as love them.

He further added that he is part of this Shiv Sena to deliver service to them at the hospital, home, and others and similarly in Transport as transporters presently are in a very bad stance. To boost them further they will help their employees. The Head will be happy and the people working under his umbrella will receive adequate relief.

He affirmed that amid lockdown as people stood for the basic necessities, he has provided food to 2,000 women daily and prepared cooked food for 1500 people. He has comforted people and amid this pandemic and lockdown, bestowed proper service to the needy ones.

The area where he dwells is a slum where small huts are there. He has benefited them as God alone makes us do this, and that too on a daily basis from our Mosque. Distribute ration if they are unable to reach our members and provided them the facility.

The poor people who do not have a ration card where they will go. In coordination government has provided them helping hands.

Besides, he describes the lockdown as successful and which Maha Uddhav Thackeray has well maintained.

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