Social Entrepreneur And Chief Of Women Power Association Come Forward To Support Lockdown Affected People, Shared Her Charity Work Experience With Hello India News

Archana Sharma, Social Entreprenuer Mumbai, has been working for the underprivileged from day one of the Covid-19 induced Lockdown; Till date serving humanity.

Archana Sharma, a social Entreprenuer who served 27 years of her life for empowering women .She started her journey as a model, actor, business entrepreneur and social activist.

Interacting with Hello India News Anisha Nandan, Archana says, amid this Coronavirus pandemic she embarked on a mission to work for the unprivileged from day one of the Covid-19 induced lockdown and till date has been serving humanity. She started by distributing home made food packets, water bottles, biscuits, juices, masks in urban areas to the underprivileged residing on the streets and helped every single parent, widows and many needy by providing food grains. She said she is grateful to receive massive support from her friends. From the weakest part that a society can hold, she set’s a journey amid Lockdown from Bandra, Mumbai.

She supplied sanitary pads, water and food to women. She also provided biscuits, water, stationaries like books, pencil etc. to the children residing on the roadside, in need of help during this pandemic.

From small streets of Mumbai’s local areas, she moved to the highways. She showed immense gratitude towards the migrants for providing her a helping hand in her work by giving the needy on the highways with ‘ready to eat food packets’.

She said “It was a very heart touching because I could see the emergence of humanity. The atmosphere was filled with humanity of the people. Even though it was for a one time meal, people were coming out to help. I saw oneness, I saw unity amongst the people notwithstanding their age, caste, creed and religion that they belong to. I’m glad I witnessed it with my own naked eyes. It was a wonderful feeling”, concluded Archana Sharma.

She played vital role in the development of local community, helped pubescent in counselling, aims to promote women empowerment and spreading message of the importance of girl child education; educating women, single parent and young widows about the government schemes. She also came up with project of hygienic well that focuses on reviving dead wells and cleaning of unhygienic wells for the women of rural areas, and many more.

Promoting Women Empowerment is Archana Sharma’s forte and ambition that lead her to float an NGO called WOMEN POWER ASSOCIATION, GHATKOPAR (W), MUMBAI. There is no scheme that is implemented for single parents and widows in India. She says that it is a platform for women to give her the power to live with esteem and dignity. India, is a taboo oriented country where single parents, young widows are denied by the society. Many such individuals were counselled by her.

The motive of the NGO is to teach such people that results in making them to earn living. “I am doing my earthly duty and trying to keep humanity alive. I’m not trying to gain any name and fame, I’m not trying to be a role model for anybody or a leader. I am trying to change one’s life that can could another life. The chain must carry on”, signs off Archana Sharma.

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