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Lucknow Social Entreprenuer Yash Rawat, President, Founder, NGO, “Pahel Educational And Helping Hand Society,” Shares Her Experience And Charity Work Amid Lockdown, With Hello India News

In a conversation with Hello India News reporter Anisha Nandan, Mrs Yash Rawat, President and Founder of NGO Pahel Educational and Helping Hand Society, Lucknow NGO-“Pahel Education and Helping Hand” says “although her NGO is located in the City of Uttar Pradesh, but their work is not limited only up to …

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Mumbai Social Entreprenuer Vaishali Ashit Bothra, Shared Her Views And Charitable Work Amid Lockdown With Hello India News

[droparc]M[/droparc]any Non-Government organizations are surging forward to help people in this prevailing pandemic circumstances by providing essential aspects, which is required by people. One of them is various NGOs and organisations  who are achieving an extraordinary job, but on a personal point too people are beginning to attain supporting hands …

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Leela Chandwani, District Secretary, Inner Wheel District 315, Hyderabad Central, Shares Her Experience Amid COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown With Hello India News

Leela Chandwani, District Secretory Of Inner Wheel District 315 Of Hyderabad Central, while sharing sharing her experience amid COVID 19 Pandemic says “I’m a member of Inner Wheel Club Dist. 135 of Hyderabad Central since 2004 and till have done many charity work. Though it’s difficult to count, but, I enjoy …

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