U.K gets first Asian New Prime Minister in Rishi Sunak,First picture of Westminster


News Input and Picture by Kamal Prabhakar UK Head Hello India:

File Picture of Hello India UK Head Kamal Prabhakar with Newly Elected PM Rishi Sunuk

In a new development Indian Origin, and the proud Hindu, Rishi Sunak, on Monday became new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He is the country’s first leader of colour, capping a stunning reversal in fortunes just weeks following his failure in his first attempt to lead the ruling Tories.

He will take oath as Prime Minister of U.K on 28 October 2022.

For Sunak, the victory couldn’t have come on a better day than Diwali.

Sunak will create history as the first person of Indian heritage and the first person of Hindu faith to lead Britain.

Sunak is a devout Hindu and is a regular at the temple where he was born in Southampton.

His daughters, Anoushka and Krishna, are also rooted in the Indian culture.

Growing up, Sunak waited tables in a local Indian restaurant, before progressing to Oxford and then Stanford University in California.
He insists that both his own family’s experience, and that of his mega-rich wife’s, are a “very Conservative” story of hard work and aspiration.
Besides English, he knows both Hindi and Punjabi.

The first Indian-origin prime minister of Britain has many accolades to his credit.

He grew up working in a shop, delivering medicines during the campaign and had worked as a waiter at the Indian restaurant down the street.

Undeniably, Rishi is the First Cabinet Minister to take oath on Bhagwad Gita. When he was made the finance minister of Britain he did not shy away from embracing his heritage as he took an oath by placing his hands on the Bhagavad Gita.

saying “I am a citizen of Britain. But my religion is Hindu. My religious and cultural heritage is Indian. I proudly say that I am a Hindu and my identity is also a Hindu”

He is married to Infosys Founder India’s richest man Narayana Murthy and Sudha Murty Philanthropist’s daughter Akshata Murthy.

The Diwali this Year is BIG for Indians- Virat Kohli won the battle against Pak at Melbourne Australia and Indian Origin Rishi Sunak became UK PM.

News Input K.V.Raman

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