Actress & Model Anu Chacko Polishes Her Skills Of Sketching & Cooking In This Lockdown Period, shares her experience with Hello India News

Actress & Model Anu Chacko Polishes Her Skills Of Sketching & Cooking In This Lockdown Period, Shares Her Experience With Hello India News

It is lockdown countrywide, and this lockdown has given us a lot of time to explore ourselves, to work on our hobbies, to improve our skills and a lot of family time. Anu Chacko shares her lockdown experience with Hello India News Team.

Anu Chacko is a former Textile Designer but now she is continuing her career as an Actor & Model. While sharing here experience with Hello India News she quotes, “During lockdown I tried to polish my other skills like sketching and cooking. As there are no restaurants, schools, colleges, offices and Auditions & Shootings but there is no other way as yet to contain the pandemic.
Food has always found a way to bring people together. It is so satisfying when some recipe you try to cook actually turns out to be so delicious and everyone in the family praises you. It all began with Besan Ladoo then Jalebi, Rawa Ladoo and Chocolate cake.”

Further she adds, “When I started out with my culinary experiments, it was essentially about passing time but eventually, it turned out to be something that uplifts my spirits.”
About, Anu Chacko.

Anu Chacko started her career as an actor and model when she was only 16 years old. She got this opportunity from a well-known director, Shri Rajesh Ransinghe, in his serial “Peedhi.” She will be forever thankful to him. After a long time she started pursuing her dream by joining an acting workshop with GIAME, New Delhi. She also participated in a beauty contest and did few print shoots.

After that she was offered to work in a Short Film. She did a short film named “Swaraksha” with a well-known actress Sudha Chandran where she played the role of daughter-in-law.

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