Poland touted as first choice for Bollywood for boost of tourism and reinforce of culture connect

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Acclaimed Indian Filmmaker Vikash Verma makes first ever Indo-Polish film, to boost tourism and reinforce culture connection

Acclaimed Indian Filmmaker Vikash Verma has directed the First ever Indo-Polish thriller ‘No Means No’ which focusses on teenage love story shot extensively in exotic Poland locales.

Notably, this film will boost tourism and reinforce culture connection between India and Poland. It is a treat to the Indian audiences who will appreciate the thus far unseen dazzle of Poland’s region comprising Zywiecczyzna region, Bielsko-Biala, Szczyrk and Zwardon.

Poland expects that the film boost tourism amid the Covid-19 pandemic lull in 2020 .

Thousands of Indians are to visit Poland’s snow-clad beauty where the film’s stunning skiing sequences were shot.

Bielsko Biala, also passionately recognised as Little Vienna, is a stunning small town nestled in Southern Poland.

Secreted from the rest of the world for a better segment of the last century, this unique panoramic habitat would eventually get the fame it deserves after the acclaimed Indian filmmaker Vikash Verma decides to base a large amount of his next epic here.

The city of Bielsko Biala, with its contrasting images of both Victorian architecture and amazing natural beauty, emerged as the absolute spot for Vikash Verma to complete his romantic-action epic.

“No Means No” is an unusual film to have been shot simultaneously in three languages: English, Hindi and Polish.

Remarkably, the Indian Director Vikash Verma has received congrats for the project from many Indian and international celebs like Sanjay Dutt, Shah Rukh Khan and Steven Seagal.

The film is slated for early set to 2021 release. The story centres around an Indian man (played by debutant Dhruv Verma) who visits Poland to take part in a ski championship and dabbles in love with a Polish girl.
Infact the debutant action hero Dhruv Verma has received training in action sequences by Sanjay Dutt and Hollywood action star Steven Seagal.

According to director Vikash Verma,this upcoming action-thriller is an epic to strong female characters and women’s empowerment in terms of everyone having to respect a women’s No, which means “No”.

The film boasts of an ensemble of Indian and Polish celebs namely Gulshan Grover, Sharad Kapoor, Deep Raj Rana, Milind Joshi, Kat Kristian, Nazia Hussain (niece of actor Sanjay Dutt), Anna Ador, Jersey Handzlik, and Anna Guzik, Natalia Bak, Slywia Czech and Pawel Czech amongst others.

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